I need to replace my electrical panel/Meter box, Now What?

You have learned your electrical panel needs to be replaced. In all the years of doing this type of work for our customers, we felt it was important to share the steps and what you should expect from your electrical contractor during this process.

Being the MOST important electrical equipment in your home, it’s critical that this is done properly and in a safely manner by a licensed experienced electrician. Learn what to do and what to expect during this important upgrade electrical upgrade in your home.

1. Gather Estimates

We recommend at least 3

Not only will you gain a better sense of the fair price for these types of projects but your best chance at finding the right person for the job that you can trust with the biggest electrical system in your home.

2. Proper Contract & Permits

Once you have selected your electrician for the job, be ready to provide a signed contract and any other documentation required for your permit based on the building department in your area. The timeline for a permit can very anywhere from 2-14 Business days.

3. Scheduling the work

In MOST cases, the contractor will be required to schedule a disconnect/reconnect appointment with FPL, you will need to provide the last 5 digits of your FPL account or phone number to schedule the appointment. This FPL coordination ensures your connections coming from FPL are done properly and your electrician can safely replace your equipment. FPL appointments are typically 3-4 weeks out.

4. Preparing for Disconnection Day

Plan on losing power for most of the day. Your refrigerator should be ok if you minimize opening the closing during the day. For a hot day, you could make plans away from home. Your contractor may be able to provide a portable generator for any special needs that require you to have electricity.

5. Final Steps – Inspection & FPL Reconnection

This type of work is NOT easy, and your contractor must ensure proper coordination with FPL and the building department to ensure a successful reconnection on the same day. Expect your electrician to be working hard to make sure your power is back the same day. Upon passed inspection, the county will contact FPL to come back and reconnect power safety to your home. Your electrician should ensure proper function of the equipment and re-label panel to the best of their abilities.


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